The project’s genesis

Nowadays the lifespan of a vehicle must have several life cycles, and we believe that each of them can generate value. By innovating, and bringing knowhow acquired in other domains, Qinomic aims to capture value on each of the vehicle’s successive life cycles. And allow access to clean mobility at the best cost for the final user.


The Qinomic vision : UPCYCLING ENGINEERING® at the heart of innovation.

  • Create a leader in sustainable and innovative mobilities engineering.

  • Accelerate the deployment of carbon-free solutions.

  • Create value on every life cycle.

About us :

The partners and associates of this ambitious project come from the automotive industry or have held important functions in major international groups.


Qinomic has experts in powertrain, electronics and vehicle architecture engineering.

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Uses of upcycling :


Upcycling can be electrical...


  • For light and urban vehicles

  • For vehicles occasionnally travelling long distances.

...but also hydrogen.

  • For vehicles with higher range requirements or higher sotrage capaicty

  • For heavy duty vehicles.

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